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Professional Installation of Broadband Adapter

Professional Installation of Broadband Adapter

With this InstallCard, a professional technician will install an ABN adapter so that your alarm systsem can communicate with NextAlarm Central monitoring by utilizing your existing broadband Internet connection.  The technician will:

  • Unpack and mount the ABN adapter near the existing alarm main control box
  • Connect the unit to the phone line output of the alarm main control box
  • Connect the unit to an existing Ethernet port near the alarm panel, or if no port exists connect a customer supplied wireless bridge
  • Confirm connectivity using the LED indicator lights on the ABN unit
  • Test connectivity to the Central Monitoring Station

Disclaimers (situations where extra charges may apply)

  • There is no network connectivity near the alarm main control box.  Requires wireless network adapter or hardwired Ethernet port.
  • Alarm panel is hardwired to the phone line, requires installation of an RJ11 phone jack.
  • There is no open port on the network router.  Requires router upgrade, port extender, or addition of a wireless router.
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