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General Questions about NextAlarm Monitoring Service

How can you offer alarm monitoring at such a low price? What is the difference between NextAlarm and ADT or Brink's Home Security?

By focusing just on alarm monitoring, and not on installation or repairs of equipment, and by streamlining and modernizing our application process by conducting it through the Internet, NextAlarm is able to offer one of the lowest rates in the industry. In addition, when ADT or Brink's monitors a system, they charge for a lease on the equipment as well, even if you already own the system. At NextAlarm, we charge a fair price for the monitoring, and that's all we charge. Our central stations are UL-Listed, which means they conform to the same standards as many other alarm monitoring services, including those offered by ADT and Brink's.

How do I know if my security system is compatible with NextAlarm?

NextAlarm is compatible with any standard Contact ID alarm system, which is most alarm systems installed today. Click here to see a complete list of compatible alarm systems.

How much does it cost to convert my security system to NextAlarm?

All you need to get started with NextAlarm is to purchase the Broadband Adapter. There is no setup fee and no contracts.

Can NextAlarm also monitor alarm systems through a regular phone line?

Yes. NextAlarm can also monitor most alarm systems using a standard phone line if you are keeping one at home or at another location (second home or business). Your alarm panel will be re-programmed to talk to NextAlarm’s phone number and you may choose from Self or Professional Monitoring.

My security system is locked out. Can NextAlarm still monitor it?

In most cases, yes. With our patented Broadband Adapter, we can monitor most security systems, even if it is locked out.

How long will it take to install the Broadband Adapter?

Installing the Broadband Adapter and testing your alarm system afterward will take about 30 minutes.

How do I install the Broadband Adapter if my alarm panel is not next to my router?
The Broadband Adapter is compatible with any standard Ethernet to WiFi Bridge which will make the adapter wireless. These bridges are available from most networking product companies.

How do I know my system works properly after installing NextAlarm?

After installing the Broadband Adapter, you will be asked to test the alarm panel to verify that it is communicating properly with our central station. You should also test your system at least once per month, or once per week if possible.

Is my security system connected directly to local police and fire departments?

Consistent with most local laws, the alarm system does not directly connect to local emergency response agencies. Instead, security systems monitored by NextAlarm utilize the customer's high-speed Internet connection as the primary communication link to one of our central stations. Operators at our central stations will in turn contact your local authorities as necessary. Note: the connection to the central station is only for customers subscribed to the NextAlarm Professional Monitoring service.

What happens if there is a power failure or blackout?

Most modern home security systems include a back-up battery, which will power your alarm panel for several hours after a power failure. This back-up battery will recharge once electricity is restored to the system. NextAlarm customers should connect the Broadband Adapter and other network equipment to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) so that your alarm signals can continue to be transmitted over your high-speed Internet connection in case of a power outage.  

Does NextAlarm qualify me for a discount from my homeowners' insurance carrier?

For customers who subscribe to the Professional Monitoring service option, NextAlarm uses fully UL-listed central stations, and customers qualify for a discount from most homeowners insurance carriers. NextAlarm provides a certificate for insurance agents to show that we are monitoring the home or business.


You can cancel your NextAlarm service at any time. To cancel service, please log into your account and open a customer service ticket. Let us know that you wish to cancel service, and be sure to specify the date you would like service to end.

NextAlarm Mobile

NextAlarm offers smartphone apps for both iOS and Android. Please download the NextView App from the related app store.

What do I need to get started with NextAlarm service?