Rest easy knowing your home or business is monitored at a UL-listed central station, staffed 24/7 by live operators, ensuring a quick response to all alarms. Questions or comments? Technicians are available to assist at (877) 639-8911.

NextAlarm offers a Broadband Adapter which connects your alarm panel to your router or home gateway. This connection allows the alarm panel to communicate over your high-speed Internet service, allowing you to disconnect your landline phone service.

With the alarm panel connected to the Internet, NextAlarm allows you to choose where your alarm signal is sent.

  1. If you are still under contract or prefer to remain with your current alarm monitoring company, NextAlarm can transmit your alarm signal to your current monitoring center. This is done for a nominal monthly fee.
  2. If you are out of contract and interested in saving more money, NextAlarm can provide the same monitoring and live dispatch service you currently have, but at a significant discount.

By connecting your alarm panel to the Internet, NextAlarm delivers enhanced features you can’t get anywhere else. These features include:

  • E-Notify – alarm notifications are sent to you through email or SMS text message
  • E-Notify Latchkey – arm/disarm events are sent to you through email or SMS text message
  • V-Notify – alarm notifications are sent to you through an automated phone call
  • Online Signal Log – view your alarm history online including arm, disarm, and other alarm events
  • Online Test Mode – place your alarm panel in test mode without having to call the monitoring center
  • Line Integrity Monitoring – NextAlarm constantly monitors your Broadband Adapter and sends notifications if it goes offline due to power or Internet-related outages.


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