Rest easy knowing your home or business is monitored at a UL-listed central station, staffed 24/7 by live operators, ensuring a quick response to all alarms. Questions or comments? Technicians are available to assist at (877) 639-8911.

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NextAlarm Monitoring Services

Thousands of customers agree, is the industry leader in providing alarm monitoring services for homes and businesses from UL-listed dispatch centers, at a reasonable rate and with the latest in cutting-edge enhancements for the Internet age. You can use our secure web server to set up your own alarm notifications via E-Mail or Pager. Have a family? Let our E-Notify service alert you when your children arrive home from school. Run a small business? Our E-Notify service can alert you when employees arrive in the morning, or leave in the evening. E-Notify can also alert you when your security system needs maintenance, or just to let you know that the system performed a routine test and is working fine.

The growing popularity of Voice-over-IP telephone services is a growing problem for the alarm industry. Most home security systems are simply not able to communicate using this new style of telephone line. With's patented ABN technology, you can finally have your home security system reliably monitored over your broadband Internet connection. With the addition of an alarm broadband adapter, your system will be sending signals through the Internet in no time.

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