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Glass Break Detector for Abbra Complete R

Glass Break Detector for Abbra Complete R

Only compatible with the Abbra Complete R manufactured by Rosslare and sold since 2013.

The ABR-GB is a powerful high performance indoor wireless glass break sensor, ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications wherever needed, not just where it is convenient to run wires. Encased in a compact elegantly designed shell, this state-of-the-art sound sensor provides the most reliable and cost effective solution to the detection of window and glass breakage in an immediate vicinity.

With the ABR-GB, intrusion detection is completely wire free. This battery-powered unit packs advanced features such as a field-proven pattern recognition technology, false alarm immunity, cover tamper detection and ultra low power consumption.

The ABR-GB Wireless Glass Break Sensor is an indispensable component in any security system. The heart of the ABR-GB is an advanced detector based on ShatterPro™ acoustic with Pattern Recognition Technology™ and an omni-directional 360° electric microphone. Among its features are: Power Save Mode (PSM) for low battery consumption, ultra bright LED, cover tamper detection, and low battery alert.

Using a special algorithm for monitoring, the ABR-GB Wireless Glass Break Sensor provides superior audio analysis and false alarm prevention by detecting both the shock wave at low and high frequencies unique to glass breaking frequencies. It accurately detects plate, float, laminated, wired, and tempered glass types, while rejecting common false alarm sounds.

Crafted from rugged flame resistant ABS material, this sensor is ready to install and enroll onto the Abbra Complete R wireless security panel at the press of the test button.

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