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Pet Immune Motion Detector for Abbra Complete R

Pet Immune Motion Detector for Abbra Complete R

Only compatible with the Abbra Complete R manufactured by Rosslare and sold since 2013.

The ABR-PIR pet immune motion detector for the Abbra Complete R is a powerful high performance indoor Passive Infrared (PIR) motion detector, ideal for residential, commercial and institutional applications where small animals are present. The sensor is completely digital and wireless. It packs advanced features such as a high powered PET lens and PET analyzing algorithms for differentiating between humans and small animals, walk and RF transmission test functions, self-test functions, movement and speed spectrum analysis, ultra-bright LED cover and wall tamper detection, ultra-low current consumption, and Auto Power Save (APS) & technology.

The ABR-PIR is a high-performance intrusion sensor with advanced design ideal for residential and commercial applications. The heart of the SA-01P is a high quality pyro electric infrared energy sensor, a PET lens with fuzzy logic implementing a special algorithm to improve human detection while ignoring pets and other small animals, and an advanced nano-watt microcontroller. The SA-01P’s many features include an A to D signal analyzer with temperature compensation, an integral RF transmitter with low profile internal antenna, an LED walk test, an RF transmission test, dynamic and static Power Save Modes (PSM), selectable pulse counting, cover and wall tamper detection, and automatic low battery detection.

The ABR-PIT uses a widely available lithium 1300 mAh high power battery.

• Power level discriminator: A special lens
combined with a powerful algorithm ignores small
to medium sized animals while maintaining a high
level of human detection
• Environment digital temperature compensation to
reduce false alarms
• Adaptive filter compensates for changes in a
detected object’s speed
• Internal calibration following mounting height
• Internal plastic element sealing for insect and air
turbulence immunity
• Cover tamper switch and back tamper switch
(selectable by wire) for increased security
• 3V 1300 mAh lithium battery lasts for over three
years at normal use. Low battery warning
transmitted to panel
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