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Wireless Keypad for Abbra Complete R

Wireless Keypad for Abbra Complete R

Only compatible with the Abbra Complete R manufactured by Rosslare and sold since 2013.

NextAlarm is proud to present you with its new, innovative, quality keypad, which includes all you ever wanted a wireless keypad to have – bi-directional wireless communication, battery-operated with over two-years of battery life, clear visual and audio system status indications, arming commands, built-in RFID reader for arming/disarming (using cards and tags), an easy, straightforward user interface and quick installation – all included in a sleek, superior design that makes it the most attractive keypad of its kind in the security market.

The ABR-KP battery powered, 2-way wireless keypad, is supported by the Abbra R Wireless Security System. Precise design and a broad knowledge of industry preferences were instrumental in creating a device that includes visual and audio indications, smart and easy-to-use button combinations with indicators, 2-way RF communication and RFID card/tag reading – all of which are supported by battery power that is built to last over two years – without having to add a transformer and main outlet at the desired point of installation!

The product is compatible with the Abbra Complete R Wireless Security System.
• 4 x CR-123 battery operated, with battery life of over two years
• 2-way RF provides remote, real-time system status and commands the alarm panel (with up to 4 keypads supported).
• Built-in RFID reader, for RFID tags and cards to arm/disarm the system, either from home or away
• Visual indications for Arming, Bypass, Trouble, and Alarm Memory statuses
• Built-in sounder for system entry/exit delay beeps and key beeps
• Unique, clean design with a unique semi-opaque indicator area lens.
• Unique design of combined arming keys with indicator lamps for easy, straightforward operation
• Very thin, light, and compact device
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